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When to See a Urologist

There are some major symptoms that would be a sure sign that you need to see a Urologist at University Urology or even your local Urologist.

When there is a continued urge to urinate more than usual, this could be a sign of a bladder infection. When the bladder does become infected, spasms will occur, which make the person feel they have to urinate often when they really don’t. A urologist can do a test to see if you have a bladder infection or not.

With older men, a frequency of urination without much output at all may be a sign of an enlarged prostate. To find out, a urologist would perform a complete exam and then make a diagnosis.

Moreover, people often develop tiny stones made of calcium deposits in the urinary tract. If the stone happens to be too big, it may block the urethra. If this happens, urinary output can be stopped. Signs of this would include pain in the lower back and abdomen.

Pain felt in the abdomen area can be a lot of different things, but if it’s painful along with having some burning sensations during urination, or if there is frequent urination or even the problem of not being able to urinate, a visit to the urologist could tell if there is an infection.

For people diagnosed with prostate or bladder cancer, it’s important to see a urologist. There are specialists in urology (urologic oncology) that work specifically with patients that have prostate and bladder cancers. If the patient is a child, they should also see a pediatric urologist.

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