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Metabolic Evaluation and Management of Stone Disease

The Journey to Becoming Kidney Stone Free

For patient’s referred to one of Tennessee Urology’s physicians, the first step is to get patients stone free. Once all kidney stones have passed or been surgically removed, patients will undergo a metabolic workup, an important component of your overall management of kidney stone disease.

What is Metabolic Evaluation?

Metabolic evaluations are a vital component of a well-designed kidney stone prevention plan. This series of diagnostic tests help your physician determine the causes of your stone disease. The metabolic workup includes several key components:

  1. Urine tests
  2. Blood work
  3. Crystal analysis (when a stone or fragment of the stone is available)

Results from the metabolic workup often yield a diagnosis such as dehydration, low urinary citrate or elevated levels of urinary sodium or protein. Understanding the factors that caused your body to produce kidney stones ultimately helps your physician map out a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan to help ensure you stay stone free.

What is Metabolic Management?

Tennessee Urology’s physicians are committed to keeping you stone-free for the long term. This means that we won’t just see you when you have a stone and need treatment, but will follow you at regular intervals after the removal of a stone to help you follow a comprehensive treatment and stone disease prevention plan that is designed to minimize the recurrence of stones.

Once you have undergone a thorough metabolic evaluation to determine exactly why your body is producing kidney stones, your physician will be able to develop a treatment plan that will manage your stone disease for the long-term. Managing your stone disease involves regular testing and evaluation, annual exams as well as changes to diet that can help prevent stones from forming in the future.

Treatment for Kidney Stones

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