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Notice to Tennessee Urology Patients Regarding the New My Tennessee Urology Patient Portal and Transition from InteliChart® to Follow My Health®.

We are transitioning our current patient portal provider, InteliChart, to a new and improved provider called Follow My Health. This change will provide our patients with a better experience through a more comprehensive and easy-to-navigate electronic health record.

What is happening to my InteliChart Patient Portal service?

Tennessee Urology is transitioning to a new patient portal service from Follow My Health.  Your portal will now be branded as My Tennessee Urology.

What will happen to my current InteliChart account?

Your InteliChart account will remain active for you to view any previous lab results, summary of visits, or interactions you have had with our staff.  You will need to sign into that portal with your current password to access that information.  Once you receive our invitation to join the new Follow My Health portal and sign up, all new messaging, requests, and scheduling capabilities will them be available from that portal. 

When can I switch to Tennessee Urology’s new Follow My Health patient portal?

Tennessee Urology will send you an email invitation to join the new My Tennessee Urology Follow My Health portal service.  You may already have received your invitation. Depending on the Tennessee Urology office that you visit, you may receive your invitation sometime in October. You will find this email in your personal email inbox.

What can I expect from this new Follow My Health portal provider?

The My Tennessee Urology patient portal by Follow My Health provides much the same capabilities as InteliChart, including messaging our medical team, scheduling appointments, and requesting refills.  You will be able to directly message our billing department and have access to your records in a more organized and easier to follow format.  In addition, you can expect information on future releases of direct appointment scheduling and even video appointments (i.e. Telehealth) as they become available.

As always, you can expect the same level of prompt and personalized care from our staff here at Tennessee Urology when you need help.

Who can I call if I have questions or need help with this transition?

Our patient assistance staff members are available to provide questions you may have regarding this change in your patient portal.  Please call us at 865-483-1093 and they will be happy to help you.